Ways to Volunteer


FOR OUR EXISTING VOLUNTEERSPalooza needs you to help us with our mission of enriching and supporting our members as they navigate adulthood!  PLEASE contact our Volunteer Director, Lisa Ruth to speak with her about your interests and availability.

FOR OUR NEW FRIENDS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING:  Palooza has many possible options to fit your interests, skills, and schedule.  


“At some point, the book club stopped being volunteer service to me and instead became something that I just do to brighten the week . . .kind of like yoga!”

As a facilitator, you will work directly with our members as they participate in our various programs.  For example, you may encourage conversation, support skill development, provide guidance, and/or participate with the member during the activity.   

To learn more about our programs, check out the Programs page, or write your inquiry on the Contact Us page.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Our programs require the following time commitment examples:

Next Chapter Book Club - 1 hour per week for the length of the book (12 - 14 weeks)

Cooking Class - 2 hours per week (3 - 6 weeks)

Art and Recreational Activities -  about 2 hours per event (event frequency varies)


As an operational support person, you will work directly with our adminstrative staff to support our programming.  For example, you may be helping us utilize our data base, develop a marketing campaign, research potential funders, assess IT needs, plan and execute a fundraising event. 

To learn more about our business needs, please write your inquiry on the Contact Us page.

TIME COMMITMENT:  You make your own schedule!

TO JOIN US we require you to complete an application, undergo a background check, and meet for an interview.

Please complete the Volunteer Application pdf form listed below.