Liv's Room

Hi Everybody.  Welcome back to Liv’s Room. 

My name is Olivia. Most people just call me Liv.  I was born three months sooner than anyone was planning.  I was diagnosed with PVL, Periventricular Leukomalacia.  This has affected my motor control how my muscles communicate with my brain.  Walking on my own is a hard thing, so to help me get around, I use a power chair.  Using a power chair does not make me less independent.   Yes, I do need help, but making choices and controlling my environment is up to me. I have many challenges, but the number of strengths that I am still discovering about myself gets bigger every day. Even though I have to do things in a way that’s just right for me, I am just like any other 22 year old girl.  I live at home and take classes at the community college in my area and like the interaction with peers my own age.  I always have someone with me to help me navigate the campus, take notes, and keep me on track.  I have mixed feelings about living at home and not being able to experience the full college experience, but I do enjoy going to my brother’s sports games, my horseback riding lessons, and spending time with my family and friends.   I enjoy baking, shopping, going to the movies, out to dinner, and getting together with friends.  I have a boyfriend and we hangout on the weekends.  We try to plan fun things that we both like to do  like going out to dinner, visiting my Aunt who lives in a nursing home, touring Morris Arboretum and lots of other fun places.  I love music, especially country music.  I recently went to the Taylor Swift concert.  It was awesome!  I really love listening to audiobooks.  They are easy to access through and your local library website.

        I hope this is a blog that you can relate to and will enjoy following.  Stay tuned for more updates. See you soon.