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A MEMBER BLOGGER: My First Day at College

Well, this blog is for anyone out there who starting something new, or trying something new. I started college today.  Talk about nervous.  I was excited too, but mostly nervous.  I was a bit embarrassed that my mom and brother were walking me to class, but at the same time I felt comforted to know that no matter what someone always has my back.  Ok, full confession….  I wanted to turn around and go home when I saw how many students arrived for the first day of classes.  The parking lots were full.  There was security and police directing traffic and there was a lot of confusion once inside the building.  People were everywhere!  It almost felt like I was in line to see a concert.  Once I found the elevator, I went to the third floor and found my classroom tucked away in the back corner of the building.  I thought, Oh great!  I’m going to do this every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I was the first one to arrive and found an end seat where I thought my wheelchair would fit nicely and it did.  Another girl showed up looking just as nervous as I was which made me feel better.  We said hi to each other and chatted briefly before more people started coming in.  My instructor is really nice.  The class went by quickly.  We did some ice breakers to get to know each other and then talked about the syllabus.  After class, I spoke to the instructor about how I could succeed in her class and she gave me a few tips.  After I got in the car to go home, it was about twenty-five minutes before we could make our way out of the parking lot.  I took a big breath and compressed and then, I compressed some more.  That’s what I do when I have a new experience.  I’m lucky to have a very supportive family, so I had to make many calls this afternoon to let everyone know how it went.  All and all, I survived and can’t wait to go back on Friday.