Jim's Master Chef Review

This is the best New England clam chowder I ever had.  It was nice and creamy, had lots of clams, and bacon and potatoes.  It’s a 5/5 stars. I had this at The Dog Tooth Bar and Grill. I also had this appetizer called Volcano Shrimp.  It was very spicy with its red pepper flakes. I had tacos there.  It was good but not as great as the shrimp and the chowder. After all said and done, I give the whole meal 10/10 stars.

I had eggplant rollatini and homemade meatballs at a big restaurant called Little Italy. It is always a 10/10 stars because I never had a bad meal yet.

I had 2 pieces of rare cooked tuna.  It was delicious. I had a seafood wanton with a spicy sauce.  It tasted really good. And I had seafood bisque- loved it. I was at a place called The Blue Claw.  It was a  great meal fit for a master chef like me. I think it deserves a super perfection 10/10 stars.  I loved what I ate!!

My brother’s friends made dinner tonight. We had steak and cheese potatoes. The potatoes with cheese were nice and cheesy and the steak was tender and juicy.  I give it a 10/10 stars. But I’m still a better cook!!

I found a good way to not cry while chopping onions. If you chew gum you will not cry while you chop them.

I had crab balls at The Beach Creek and fried grouper for appetizers.  For my meal I had a cup of New England clam chowder, and I had sea bass that came with risotto.  I will give it a 5/5 stars because it had a lot of flavor, nothing was dry, and it was cooked to perfection.

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