Palooza Welcomes Gwynedd Mercy University!

Gwynedd Mercy University students have joined Palooza!

Our Palooza program administrators met with a class of GMU students on Monday, January 20, 2014 to provide an orientation to the organization and the programs we offer.  The GMU students were shown the website and volunteer sign up process, as well as a slide show of our active members and volunteers, and the programs in which they have participated.  Abilities and disabilities, passing judgment, respect, and expectations were also part of the presentation.  

The GMU students responded with interesting comments, questions, and ideas!  They will be welcome additions to our group of volunteers that work directly with our members.  The students will have the option to sign up for any of the activities we are offering our members for the winter and spring sessions.  They have also begun a group plan to host an activity on campus!  Stay tuned for more information about that!

We are very excited about this new cooperative relationship being forged between Gwynedd Mercy University and Palooza!