Greetings Friends,

We hope you all are enjoying summer, regardless of the weather.  It’s hard to believe we are in the beginning of September. Our summer has been one of reflection and contemplation.  We both have come to the realization that each of our lives are in major stages of transition. Our family commitments are much more pressing.  Therefore, we have decided to suspend all Palooza programming for the foreseeable future.

Our longest running and most successful program, with an original and two dedicated facilitators, is our book club.  Without the backing of Palooza and our affiliate organization, Chapters Ahead, Next Chapter Book Club, these three wonderful woman want to continue to work with the group of readers in a book club.  

Jayne, Christi, and Marla see the value in meeting every week to read, discuss, and relate the book with each of the readers.


1.      ***This will NOT BE RUN by any ORGANIZATION***

2.      Each book club member is the responsibility of their family, guardian, or staff.

3.      Responsible person can not leave the premises during book club.

4.      The facilitators will not be responsible for monitoring restroom visits, wandering, medical/allergy needs, behaviors, etc.

5.      No forms to complete/ No medical information to pass to anyone.

6.      Your contact info, of course, will be needed.

7.      The only fee is to cover book cost.   Planned book: Nancy Drew, The Magician’s Secret.  Reading level avg.: grade 4/5. 

8.      Book Club to run on Wednesday nights, 7:00 - 8:00 pm, beginning with the 9/26/2018 Family Meeting, Wegmans Cafe, Montgomeryville.

 Are you interested in participating in this unique opportunity?


1)  Attend Book Club Family Meeting, Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 7:00 pm, Wegmans Cafe

2)  RSVP to Jackie Mullock,email only by September 12.

As for Palooza FUN:  We will miss seeing you, but we know you will understand.  Thank you very much for your past support and interest. Palooza has a wonderful family.

With heavy hearts we thank you,

Susan Clare and Jackie Mullock